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MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION, also known as MEC, is an entertainment company which develops and acquires screenplays; produces films; offers DVDs, books and consulting; provides post-production services, distributes and exhibits movies over the Internet and on TV.   To this end, the company is organized into the following divisions:


           dNa DevelopMent -- MEC's script division, acquires literary properties and works with writers and researchers around the world to develop ideas into treatments and full-length screenplays and documentary scripts.  Literaty properties developed or acquired are produced by Matrix Productions (and in partnership or association with other production companies and orgaizations) or sold to other entities.  dNa DevelopMent was established in1985 in Santa Monica, California.


           Matrix Productions -- MEC's production division, specializes in the production of public-service political documentaries that center on the U.S. Constitution.  As a secondary function the company specializes in the production of multiple-camera band shoots at large and small venues.  The company is also producing two period-piece motion pictures -- TESLA  and SPLASH OF RED.  Matrix Productions was founded in 1981 in Hollywood, California.


           BackBone Enterprises -- MEC's technical services division, provides technnical support and equipemt rentals to Matrix Productions as well as outside producers and clients.  Support includes production consulting, feature budgets, web development, custom-built, high-end computer systems.  Rentals include cameras, sound and grip equipment as well as flex-office space.


           Post Digital Group -- MEC's post production division, specializes in editing documentaries, features and multiple camera event films.  PDG also operates a 4-track audio studio suitable for narration, voice-overs and solo performers.


           Mini Mogul Enterprises -- MEC's human resource division, trains MEC executives, staff and crews.  This division also offers executive- and production-level consulting as well as legal advice on securities compliance for those who opt to investor-finance their own independent production company or studio.


           Movie Pubs -- MEC's distribution division, sells and distributes DVDs, books and manuals to various outlets, buyers and exhibitors.


           Matrix Internet Distribution -- MEC's exhibition division, exhibits motion picture content at HOMEVIDEO.NET, PAY-PER-VIEW.COM, INDEPENDENTPRODUCTION.TV, YOUTUBE and VIMEO.



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